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[  BRACK  ]

[BRACK] was founded in 2022 as a vessel for works that grapple with the human experience in all its snapshots. More than a literary magazine, we seek not only poems, stories, and lyric essays, but also editorials, science features, and digital installations. We aim to dare this world by disturbing the known. To carve a home for the voices that leave us newly awakened. To sustain them by blurring the demarcation between a voice of art and a voice of STEM. To remind ourselves that there was a time when disciplines bled into each other without borders, when there was no clear distinction between philosophers, poets, and scientists, but rather just people contemplating the act of being human. 

Gareth Nyandoro's Mukanya Repairs (2018), from MoMA

Aside from publishing regular issues, BRACK also opens submissions for FOLIOs, which are themed collections of work each dedicated to crowdsourcing voice on an issue, and therefore much less selective than regular issues. In FOLIOs, we want to unearth as many voices from as many rucks of our globe as possible and pour them into your hands. 

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