We are seeking volunteers for the following positions. If you feel that you align with our vision in about, then please send an email to us at brackmagazine@protonmail.com with the contents listed below.




The time commitment of each of these positions is around one to two hours per week.


From Jen Bervin's The Dickinson Composite Series

Title your email, "(APPLY) [name] - [positions you are applying for]." (Note that you can apply for more than one position, so long as you address each one of them in the following question.)

Thoroughly answer the following questions: Why would you like to join [ BRACK ]? How could you add to [ BRACK ]'s vision? We want to hear about your artistic or scientific passions and values, but feel free to include any relevant experiences.

Please include a brief third-person biography. 

Please include a work sample for each position you wish to apply for. Poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction editors should provide original work in their respective genres of at most 10 pages, while science editors should provide articles, films, or any other work conferring with science and technology of at most 5 pages. Social media managers should provide samples of at most 3 graphic designs.

If there is anything else that you believe is critical or helpful that we know in relation to your work, feel free to include it.