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We are currently open for submissions in the following categories:

POETRY  |  up to 6 poems; no length limit

FICTION  |  up to 3 pieces; no length limit

ESSAYS, CREATIVE NONFICTION, REVIEWS  |  up to 3 pieces; no length limit

VISUAL ART (photography, acrylic, charcoal, maps / diagrams, digital, etc.)  |  up to 6 works

NEWS ARTICLES, OP-EDs, SCIENCE, etc.  | up to 5 pieces, no length limit

EXPERIMENTAL / HYBRID  |  no strict limit, but ≤  what is equivalent to 10 pages

Farah Al Qasimi's S Folding Blanket (2016), from MoMA

Screen Shot 2022-07-02 at 7.36.56 PM.png

We believe in nourishing the voices that we hear and receive through submissions. Hence, we will occasionally offer 48-hour feedback windows, where we respond to each and every submission we receive in a 48-hour window with full feedback. We will announce these windows ahead of time on our Twitter (@brackmag). 

We are fond of work that dwells in the space where STEM and the arts intersect, and welcome submissions that imagine ways to incorporate both (for example, creative essays engaging with mathematics or JavaScript-based interactive poems) as well as work that engages only STEM (for example, news features on the latest findings in chemistry). 

how to submit

Include the following in an email to

Title your email, "[name] - [genre] - [title]."

Please attach your work in a PDF file, if possible. If it is interactive, animated, or otherwise impossible to communicate through a PDF, include the appropriate link to a website, file, etc. Just make sure that any shared files are open to view by anyone with the link!

Please include a brief third-person biography. 

For works in the EXPERIMENTAL/HYBRID genre, please also provide a brief synopsis of up to 250 words describing the essence and creative process behind your work—and whatever else you would like us to know. 

If there is anything else that you believe is critical or helpful that we know in relation to your work, feel free to include it.

We accept simultaneous submissions, but please let us know that in the body of your submission email. If a piece is accepted elsewhere, please email us to withdraw it. 

response times

It may take some time for us to respond. We are currently devoting ourselves to many different avenues, and we appreciate your patience.

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