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phil temples

phil temples


Image by hao wang

You say you got a problem?

Your husband is cheating on you and your mother-in-law is a real bitch blames you for everything cause it can’t be the fault of her poor innocent baby boy you’re two months behind on the rent and running out of creative excuses for the landlord and you just know he’s ready to serve you papers you got PMS and a pounding headache that won’t go away you’re sure it’s a brain aneurysm and you’re afraid cause you don’t want to die young your Cocker spaniel got into the chocolate and ate it all and now he’s sicker than a dog and this morning he’s puking and shitting all over the carpet you can’t sleep at night because we have an idiot criminal mafia-type who's trying to get back into the White House and if he does the country is doomed and you need to lose twenty pounds because you’ve been binge-eating and every diet you’ve tried is like riding a yo-yo you went skiing last weekend at Sugerloaf mountain and broke your fucking ankle you can hardly drag yourself out of bed in the morning when the short winter days are so depressing because you suffer from seasonal affective disorder and your best friend (or so you thought) just unfriended you on Facebook on account of a silly little misunderstanding and now she’s trash-talking you to all of your other friends you’re getting called in for jury duty next week and you’re so far behind on the project at work your boss is going to ream you a new one.  


You got a problem? Try turning the power off and back on again.    

–IT guy

pip mcdonald


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millie godwin


—(Bored)—Advert—Someone’s skirt getting trapped in an escalator, the skirt is now around their ankles (Laugh)—A video about dogs being bred for scientific experiments in Huntington, UK (Angry/Surprised)—A take about women ‘needing male validation to survive’ being easily refuted by a woman (Sigh)— Netta Barzilai performing a mashup at #ChicagoPride (Smile)— A baby cryin—Advert—A clip from The Offi—Smash or pass— The Sims—Zombie makeup tutori—A cat bouncing a baby to sleep in its bouncy chair (Laugh)—Coverage of the war in Ukraine    (Angry)—An   Anya   Taylor-Joy    edit.   (Interested)—

Fantasy sapphic romance books where the villain gets the girl (Interested)—A woman talking about an eighteen-year-old girl who was murdered after refusing a man sex: ‘She didn’t have the opportunity to keep herself safe.’ (Angry)—A farmer rescuing a sheep stuck in a muddy puddle (Smile)—A woman laughing in the face of a man who says her breasts are ‘flying out’ (Angry/Laugh)—Get ready with—A video about who Lady Macbeth really was (Interested)—A woman reacting to people cheering   because   Roe  V  Wade   was   overturned  (Upset)—

Gentle parenting tips and tr—Rishi Sunak plans to make ‘vilifying’ Britain a form of extremism (Angry)—A mother telling her child what to do in the event of a school shooting (Upset)— Pack an order wi—UK politics debate: Rishi Sunak or Liz Truss? (Angry)—A thirteen-year-old black girl stands up to the Grand Rapids City Commission while talking about Patrick Lyoya: ‘I don’t want to have to beg you to stop killing people.’ (Angry/Proud)—Advert—Chloe Kelly scoring the winning goal in the European Championship (Proud)—Anti-slam, the worst poem wins: ‘Roses are red, petrol’s expensive…’ (Laugh)—How to make a roast dinner for und—Booktok drama—A clip from Don’t Worry Dar—A girl danci—The UK government refuses to include the right to abortion in their new ‘bill of rights’ (Angry)— A woman crying, stuck on the side of the road after her cat dies on the way to the vets, her friend has also broken down on her way to bring coolant, she says it’s okay to laugh (Laugh)— Driving rage—A woman defending herself after a man instructs her to ‘cover up’ (Angry)—UK politics debate: Rishi Sunak or Liz Truss? (Sigh)—UK politics debate: Ri—UK politics debate—A man talking about the UK politics debate (Exhausted)—

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